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Hide a div when you click outside of it using jQuery

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

I found this sweet little jQuery tip while working on a project the other day.

My Scenario

I was building out a jQuery calendar that would let users add information to the calendar via a popup div that displays when any day is clicked. Sticking with standard calendar UI, I wanted there to be three ways to dismiss the popup:

  1. clicking “close” on the popup itself
  2. clicking on another day, which would hide the current popup and display a new one on the day clicked
  3. clicking anywhere off of the calendar

The first two were simple enough, but I wasn’t sure what the best way to handle the third was. The jQuery tip suggested something along the lines of this:

var mouse_is_inside = false;

    }, function(){ 

        if(!mouse_is_inside) $('.event-popup').hide();

Nothing too complicated here. The first portion sets up a variable that will let us store a true/false value and then sets that variable to true when the mouse is hovering on top of the calendar. For our purposes this is the equivalent to saying that the cursor is “inside” the calendar; which is what we want to know. If the mouse is not “inside” the calendar, we set the variable to false.

        if(!mouse_is_inside) $('.event-popup').hide();

This next bit of code fires on the mouseup event (this can fire on any event obviously). Now we have a conditional that checks if our mouse_is_inside variable is true and if so, it hides the popup event. Nothing crazy, but a simple solution if you ever need this functionality.

Set Gmail As Your Default Email Client

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Ok. I’m a little late on this one, but this is an awesome time-saving trick! Typically when I click on mailto links, it attempts to launch Windows Mail, which I don’t even have setup. So I got in the habit of just copying mailto links, opening up a new tab with Gmail and then pasting the email address. Well, no more. I just followed this super easy tutorial and now I’m opening all my mailto links directly in Gmail with the to: address already filled in. You too can wield this power; check it out!

New Site Live!

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Welcome to! I’ve been working with WordPress for several years and recently I have begun to work almost exclusively on the WordPress platform (besides Magento, of course). I’d love some feedback on the the new site but do me a favor and ignore all of the posts before this one. Thanks!